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News From The Santiago Workshop

Hi Legacy Boot Followers and Wearers!

Eric Pitzer here, writing to you from the workshop in Santiago, Chile. We just finished with our second order of boots. I thought I'd share a few moments and details from our shoemaking team.

Below is Mario, our shoe lasting expert. He hand molds each pair of boots with hammer and heat. This ensures each pair looks and fits just right. As we prepared these boots for shipping, Mario kept asking me, "And, what do they have to say about the boots in New York?" Let us know your thoughts wherever you may be and we will happily relay them to Mario.

A big addition to our shoemaking team is our new partner José. José hails from Trujillo, Peru, the shoemaking capital of South America, where he grew up learning the ins and outs of the shoemaking processes from his family. He comes from a long line of shoemakers and his family still own the workshop he grew up in. José oversees all the sewing of the uppers on each pair. Here he is taking in all the instructions of the build, to get all of the details just right.

With José’s expertise, we improved a number of details, including this beautiful -- and purposeful -- interior zig zag stitch to increase the comfort, feel and durability of every shoe. It's our goal to find and work with the best craftsmen and woman in Santiago. José bring generations of knowledge and shoemaking experience to the Legacy customer and we are super happy to have found him. His changes are small, but it's the details that matter and José’s improvement will make a big difference in fit and quality. Welcome aboard José!

We are very excited to have completed our very first team order. These special order blue pairs were built for Brooklyn’s own Goose Barnacle FC. This included a custom sourced navy blue leather with a subtle matte finish to give it a traditional look. We also custom built a stamp with the GB logo to display on the tongue of each shoe.

If you are interested in ordering custom boots made specifically for your team or club, please contact us for more pricing details and color possibilities. Can you picture your club shield or logo on the tongue, as in the picture below?

I’ll part with two photos for you; one of our NeroBianca color way, which features the beautiful, white conical stud pattern you see below, with elongated conicals in the back for all round performance, rotation as well as vertical traction! All of our sole plates are molded from scratch, with a heat process that takes place from start to finish right here in Santiago.

And here is a sneak peak at our first prototype for the much requested turf shoe. This particular sole plate pattern comes to us from Colombia and is inspired by the former Barcelona, now Everton players and Colombia International player Yerry Mina. More to come on our turf shoe soon!

Thanks for reading and thank you for supporting our local shoemakers here in Chile. Each pair of Legacy boots that you buy supports our artisans here in Santiago. We thank you and we hope you are enjoying the beautiful game wherever you may play!


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