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The View from Brooklyn

While Eric gets underway with our new build in Santiago, Chile, we thought it would be fun to make a stop in Brooklyn, NY and introduce you to the founder of Legacy Boot Co.

Hello, my name is Jason and I am the Founder of Legacy Boot Co. Behind the camera today is my beautiful wife and partner in crime, Alison. Join us as we take a Sunday stroll through Bushwick.

Our first stop is always Variety Coffee Roasters on Wyckoff Ave. We've been drinking Variety coffee for almost ten years now, since they opened a tiny shop in our old neighborhood of Greenpoint. To this day, they still make our favorite cup of Joe in the city.

After grabbing a cup of coffee we took the L-train over to Morgan Ave. You can also get off at the Jefferson Ave stop. Both present great jump-off points from which to explore the neighborhood.

Graffiti is everywhere in Bushwick and has become one of its hallmarks. The industrial back-drop provides lots of opportunity for throw ups like this one. Check out our ongoing 'Wall Series' on the Legacy Boot Co. Instagram page for more graffiti pics.

The Bushwick art scene has taken over from where Williamsburg & Greenpoint left off years ago. 'This isn't a cool competition', but don't tell that to the guy standing here so casually next to this random sign.

Alison wanted some fresh flowers for the house so we stopped off at Stems, on Knickerbocker Ave. They have a wide variety of beautiful arrangements. You can also custom order bouquets. Love the colorful hanging pots in the window!

Our favorite stop of the day was a new discovery: Papa Rozier Farms. We were intrigued first by the sign out front.

As soon as we walked inside we were blown away. So many amazing handmade products!

This is Rubens Amedee, the owner and founder of Papa Rozier Farms. While it's always fun to discover a cool new store, how much cooler is it when you get to meet and talk directly with the owner. Here we are standing in front of a machine Rubens uses to hand press the oils that go into his farm to home hand crafted products.

Papa Rozier specializes in making organic castor and moringa oil from scratch. Proceeds from their sales are funneled back into Haiti's local ecosystem, including a school which they founded called the Bati School. Alison is the Education Director of a school in Brooklyn, so she was super excited to chat with Rubens about the project.

As is turns out the Bati School is starting their first soccer program this summer. Hey! And just like that a connection was made because of the beautiful game. We were able to show Rubens our boots and to talk about how we might help. Who knows? Maybe we'll be headed to Haiti next.

There are always new and creative businesses popping up in Bushwick. It is one of Alison and I's favorite things about living in Brooklyn. The people we talk with inspire us and inform our own ideas. This is what Legacy is all about.

After Papa Rozier Farms, we continued our stroll down Knickerbocker Ave. Great food abounds in Brooklyn and one of our favorite stops is Foster Sundry.

Check out that spread!

After getting a snack we grabbed a cab over to the oldest soccer facility in Queens, originally built in 1925 by immigrants from Germany and Hungary. Always nice to end the day with a little play and a bit of history.

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